Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow Ho Ho

Let's face it. Winter is more fun when you can play with the season. Our snow has arrived up here in North Muskoka. Our roads are clear, and we're ready for the season! The ice is starting to form on our bay.

Brian is out working on the ski trails. We've got almost 20k of trails at Bondi Village, along with toboggan hills, snowshoe trails and rentals, a tubing run, and lots of wildlife to watch.

Some of that wildlife might include David and his buddy Mike, who were delighted to have the chance to get the snowmobiles out of storage and ready to go. Obviously in November the Snowmobile Clubs (ours is the Algonquin Snowmobile Club) don't have their trails open, and since there's no ice it's a really excellent plan not to try any water crossings, but the season is approaching fast.

For those seeking less adrenaline, like Nancy, taking a slow ramble in the woods or the back fields to check out the animal tracks and listen to the snow crunch underfoot is a great excuse to get outdoors.

Winter's here. You should be too! The resorts of North Muskoka are all set to provide you with family winter memories that will last for generations!