Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer's Coming!

The best thing about a vacation is the family time, the memories made for life. There's no better place to get back in touch with your family, and with yourself, than here in North Muskoka. Beautiful scenery, clean lakes, wildlife and a host of local attractions make this a great place for all ages and interests.

From museums, theatres, extreme mountain bike parks, specialty shops and world class restaurants to the back yard bbq and a day just spent hanging out at the lake, there's nowhere better than here in the summer.

Now is the time to book your week with one of the great North Muskoka resorts. North Americans take less vacation time than our European neighbours -- who long ago recognized the critical importance of that time spent away from work, dis-connected from the gadgets and letting the spirit breathe. It's time we took advantage of our own backyard, here in Ontario, and the opportunity to take that week away. No need for line-ups in airports, security checkpoints, and worries over lost luggage -- we're less than three hours from downtown Toronto, but an entire world away.

Give us a call. We've got your summer...