Monday, November 15, 2010

Easier Trip Planning for Ontario Snowmobilers

From a Press Release just received from the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, trip planning and navigation around Ontario just got easier.

New Website:
The OFSC’s new public website is totally revamped for this season with a new look, improved navigation and better information (

Interactive Trail Guide:
The new Interactive Trail Guide features the most accurate and up to date display of the entire 34,000--‐kilometre OFSC trail network available anywhere. As it becomes fully integrated and functional this season, OFSC snowmobilers will be able to plan theirrides, check for in--‐season re--‐routes and detours, and view the latest, colour--‐coded trail status updates online.

OFSC snowmobilers can check trail status from their iPhones by downloading the entire OFSC trail network directly from the Interactive Guide with the OFSC’s new iSnowMobile app (available at for $2.99).

Routable GPS:
Snowmobilers who ride with their Garmin, Magellan or Lowrance units can now purchase routable or non--‐routable versions of the OFSC provincial trail system on a base map that also includes detailed lakes, rivers, roads, etc.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Minute Deals on Lake of Bays

We've still got some cottages available for the coming week, Sun. Aug. 22 - 29. The lake temperature at the end of the dock is 24 degrees C. The back fields are afloat with monarch butterflies. We've got the BBQ and the canoe waiting at the cottage for you.

There's lots of summer left in North Muskoka, so why not give us a call? 705 635 2261.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We have Bunnies!

There seem to be more rabbits around Beauview than other years. While driving, I saw a deer crossing the road yesterday and Nancy had to stop on Brunel road on the edge of Huntsville, while a deer stood there looking at everyone before ambling off into the bush.
Lots of opportunities to see wildlife.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Floating the Boat at Dorset

This will be an exciting weekend in Dorset. First off, it's Heritage Day in Dorset. All day Saturday.

It's well worth going -- the Muskoka Militia will be there, complete with gunpowder and blunderbusses. There's a wildlife caller (who knows, he might bring in a moose from the underbrush?) and all sorts of interestig displays of pioneer and logging crafts. Be sure to visit the museum to see the scale model of the Gilmour Tramway -- an incredible concept. In 1893, the Gilmour Lumber Co. built the tramway to lift logs that had been driven down the rivers and lakes from Algonquin Park to Dorset across the rise of land into Raven Lake. 20' long logs were hauled a half mile uphill, over the 70' rise. From Raven Lake, through a series of dams, the logs were driven into the Black River system and on to Trenton to the mill. It took two years to put the drive over the tramway, three years to complete the run to Trenton. Built at a cost of over a million dollars in 1893, it was only used once... It has been described as a lumberman's desparate scheme, but what's a lumber baron to do when he has over a million logs floating in Lake of Bays, and needs to get them over the hill?

But the big event this year is happening just across the historic hump back bridge. The S.S. Bigwin is scheduled to be launched, after several long years of restoration and massive fund-raising efforts. Speaking of desparate schemes, this might be one... but Jeff Gabura is convinced that the S.S.Bigwin will not only float (something she was loathe to do back in her days as the tubboat and later ferry for Bigwin Island hotel) but that she will float level. (a skill never truly acquired by the original boat)
This photo is the R.M.S. Iroquois, who plied these waters until she was decommissioned at South Portage dock, where she burned to the waterline, and was sunk and filled in to become the South Portage Dock. If you stand on the end of that dock, and look down in the water to the right of the dock, you can still see her stern underwater.

There is a monster crane arriving to do the deed. Friday will be spent getting the crane into place, so that's probably worth a watch as well. Jeff's expecting 5000 people to come to the launch. Our best advice? Get there early, and stay off the bridge, which collapsed once in its early days (the horses and loaded wagon floated downstream and were safely rescued, but the bridge didn't fare so well and had to be replaced), and isn't rated for 5000 people jumping up and down in glee...

And while you're here, why not just stay for the week? It's going to a hot dry summer, according to Environment Canada. Bondi Village Resort still have vacancies in lakeside cottages, affordable and ideal for family getaways. Our friends and partners in North Muskoka also have accommodation, for the week, or for shorter term, so why not beat the heat and create great summer memories on Lake of Bays? Give us a call!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer's Coming!

The best thing about a vacation is the family time, the memories made for life. There's no better place to get back in touch with your family, and with yourself, than here in North Muskoka. Beautiful scenery, clean lakes, wildlife and a host of local attractions make this a great place for all ages and interests.

From museums, theatres, extreme mountain bike parks, specialty shops and world class restaurants to the back yard bbq and a day just spent hanging out at the lake, there's nowhere better than here in the summer.

Now is the time to book your week with one of the great North Muskoka resorts. North Americans take less vacation time than our European neighbours -- who long ago recognized the critical importance of that time spent away from work, dis-connected from the gadgets and letting the spirit breathe. It's time we took advantage of our own backyard, here in Ontario, and the opportunity to take that week away. No need for line-ups in airports, security checkpoints, and worries over lost luggage -- we're less than three hours from downtown Toronto, but an entire world away.

Give us a call. We've got your summer...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Waiting on the Volcano

If you're stuck in the airport, waiting for the Iceland volcano to finish making an ash of itself, why not consider waiting it out up here in North Muskoka?

We're only a few hours from the airport -- easy enough to get there when the planes are able to start flying again. Housekeeping cottages and family run resorts are affordable, even for those at the tail end of their holiday spending! And there's plenty to do that won't cost a lot while you're here.

Bondi Village, for example, offers free passes into Algonquin Park for all their guests. They also have hiking trails that are available if you are staying at other area resorts.

Sitting in an airport, watching the monitors tell you your flight isn't going anywhere fast is no fun for anyone.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plan Ahead and Reserve your Muskoka Experience

Tee off time at the Muskoka Highlands Golf Course

18 holes of Golf at the Huntsville Downs Golf Club , Deerhurst Highlands

Spa Visit at Trillium Spa

Steam Train ride, Visit Pioneer Village at Muskoka Heritage Place

Boat Cruise on a Steam boat R.M.S. Segwun Steamship Cruises

Visit Santa's Village in the Summer

Tree Top Climbing at Eaglecrest Aerial Park

See a performance at the Algonquin Theatre

Get Tickets to a Performance of the Decades Show at Deerhurst Resort

Hike or bike, look for moose, birds in Algonquin Provincial Park

Fishing Guide, Boat or Snowmobile Rental with Redline Rentals

Motor Boat Rental from the Baysville Marina May - October

Wakeboarding lessons from the Base Camp in the Summer

Horse Drawn Carriage or Sleigh Ride from Barnboots

Algonquin Highland Trail Rides (Oxtongue lake, Hwy 60)

Andrews Oxen on Limberlost road -- they'll take you for a different wagon ride, drawn by their two lovely oxen! Very unusual!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sultry Spring Fever

Holly Cole will be at Deerhurst April 17, part of the Spring Fever Concert Getaway weekend.

Her sultry, soulful songs combine with a fab weekend of shopping and dining specials.

Which combines beautifully with a little 'quiet time' at the North Muskoka resorts. Bondi Village is offering Super Spring Specials, 3 nights, 4 people, $500... 3 night, 6 people, $600, along with On-going specials for Seniors and Couples. Bondi provides a pass into Algonquin Park as well, so you can combine Holly's concert with the majesty of the unfolding Canadian Shield Spring... and probably catch a moose as well as a songstress.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lake of Bays shifting, Sparkling Waters Appear

Lake of Bays is sparkling again.  Last night the moon glistened off the ice and this morning we can sit on the dock and watch the ice moving, shifting, tinkling and disappearing down the lake through the streams and waterfalls to the south.
Come and join us this weekend we are expecting more of the same, sun and sparkling water.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beach Weather in Muskoka

Why would you want to go South, on days like this? This young deer was enjoying basking on some greening grass right at the water's edge at Bondi Village Resort this morning.
This is a great time of year for wildlife spotting --the moose are starting to come out to the road's edge in Algonquin Park, and the Visitor Centre is open. You never know what you'll see from the viewing deck at the Visitor's Centre -- last month, there was a pack of wolves on view!
And all through March, you can drop by the Muskoka Wildlife Centre, with free admission for kids accompanied by their adults. Be sure to say Hello to Woodrow the Beaver, proudly sponsored by Bondi Village Resort; and to Rufus the Bobcat and Yeti the Lynx, proudly sponsored by Cedar Grove Lodge.

Deer Hunting in March (with a camera!)

It was a bright sunny day so I went deer hunting and shot a lot of deer ... with my camera!
You can be assured of seeing deer when you drive down Fox Point Road on the other side of Lake of Bays.

Some people still feed the deer and my friend Brian from Bondi Village Cottage Resort told me where to look!

Beauview Cottage Resort, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada 800-363-6047

Lake of Bays Region Offers Rich History for Travelers

Lake of Bays Region Offers Rich History for Travelers Seeking a Muskoka Ontario Canadian Tourism Getaway
In addition to the shear beauty of its nature landscape of forest, lakes and wetlands, the Lake of Bays region of North Muskoka Ontario has a rich and fascinating history.

Two dedicated, local organizations understood the importance of preserving the area’s history. The Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society and the Muskoka Pioneer Village joined forces to preserve a valuable piece of the Lake of Bays unique past.

Stretching east from Huntsville all the way through to the southwest boundary of Algonquin Park and encompassing the communities of Baysville, Dwight, and Dorset, the Lake of Bays was originally occupied by the Algonquin and Huron tribes.

In the 1600s, early explorers such as Samuel Champlain passed through the area and were followed by missionaries and later, the first European settlers. To help encourage settlement, the Free Land Grant and Homestead Act of 1868 was created, which offered 200 acres of land, free of charge to settlers willing to clear land and build a home.

Ultimately, logging became the dominant industry of the area, necessitating the construction of a transportation network that included both rail and water.

In an effort to meet the needs of travelers seeking a Canadian getaway, Muskoka’s Lake of Bays sported the first “wilderness” resorts, sometimes as basic as a spare room in someone’s modest farmhouse. As the Muskoka tourism industry took off and tourists began to flock to the Lake of Bay Ontario area, a variety of inns and lodges started to dot the Lake of Bays waterfront. Large, multi-room luxury Muskoka Ontario resorts, such as the Bigwin Inn, were built to cater to the ballooning Canadian tourism industry.

As a direct result of the booming tourism, many resorts and inns were created to meet the needs of individuals desiring to catch a glimpse of this beautiful territory. There are many fine full-service resorts and cottage rental resorts that offer year-round accommodations to those that might want to tour the area and learn more about the past as well as the role Lake of Bays has played as a major North American tourist destination.

Muskoka’s Lake of Bays is also right next door to Ontario Canada’s famous Algonquin Provincial Park, which also boasts a rich history.

For area information and lists of Muskoka vacation accommodators, please visit the North Muskoka Resort Group’s website at

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Magic

Spring is magical in North Muskoka. As winter starts to let go, water starts to move. Along the shores and trails it is a photographer's delight, with interesting shapes and designs, and something new all the time.

This is the way the weather has carved into the snow on one of the docks at Bondi Village Resort, creating a fascinatingly lovely design.

There's still lots of snow left, for those who like to play and toboggan and snowshoe, and you can be here for the March break, out of the car, onto the trails, playing in less time than it will take you to beat your way through Airport Security. Not to mention that here, you can drink the water!

Moose are starting to move around in the Park, coming out to the road in search of salt after a long winter. We've got deer on our property, all happy to pose for their close-up.

So come on up. March is magical in North Muskoka, and there are great specials on offer, too.

Welcome Home

"Welcome Home"

One of the best things about choosing a North Muskoka Resort, is that each are family owned and operated. There are no chain hotels/motels/resorts in our little group, only traditional family run businesses. Now some would say, and frankly they would be right, that that makes us 'quirky' and different. Well we say, 'Absolutely'! We love that we are unique and that you wont find another one of us anywhere in the world. This special family run feeling has led Cedar Grove Lodge to add a new slogan to our original "A Muskoka Tradtion", our new slogan was derived from 82 years of listening to our guests and understanding what makes them come back year after year, this new slogan... "Welcome Home".

For more places to feel like home, visit our North Muskoka Website.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Capture a Fox (with your camera)

Young fox is happy spring is approaching.  Our forests come alive at this time of year and you can capture (with your camera) if you are quiet some special images, fox, moose and deer of course.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summer's Coming!

We've still got the best Winter in the province, and March is one of the very best months to come out and play with the snow.

But folks thoughts are now starting to turn towards their summer vacations. We still have vacancies, scattered throughout the summer months, in our three and four bedroom cottages, and we'd love to add you to our Bondi Family.

Summer in Muskoka, Summer at Bondi... there's nowhere better.

Hidden Valley - Ontario's Best Kept Skiing Secret??

Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area in Huntsville is known by all the locals as a great little gem, but many outside of the area have never heard of it. Its a shame because it has so much to offer skiers of all ages and abilities.

"The Valley" consists of 3 quad chairs and one handle tow, 11 runs, 100 meters of vertical drop and an uphill capacity of 6500 skiers per hour. Average snowfall is 343 CM and in addition they have snow making on 90% of the terrain.

Located in the heart of North Muskoka, Hidden Valley is ideally situated for a winter weekend getaway. For accommodation choices near Hidden Valley visit .

For the Hidden Valley highlands website click here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hints Tips Fishing for Trout, Bass on Lake of Bays, Ontario

I just found this recent article that has lots of hints and tips on what to use and how to fish for Bass , Trout and Whitefish on Lake of Bays - any time of the year

Beauview Cottage Resort, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada 800-363-6047

Monday, February 8, 2010


This is the best time of year for the sledders. All the trails in Lake of Bays are open. The lake trails are staked. The action is always at Dorset on the weekends.

Bondi Village
is offering Sled Specials -- dare to compare! We've got access right from the cottage door to the trails, large cottages that let you sleep 4 people in a two bedroom, 6 in a 3 bedroom with nobody sharing a bed, plenty of room to get together after the day's ride, TV, nearby local restaurants right on the trail. You can park you sleds at the cottage door and we've got lots of rooms to accommodate your trailers.

2 nights, 2 bedroom for 4 people, $500, and you can stay the third night FREE
2 nights, 3 bedroom for 6 people, $600, and you can stay the third night FREE.

Got an extra person? Bring them along, for $50/day extra (third night still free)

Ontario Winter Games in Muskoka - Play Like a Girl!

The Ontario Winter Games roll into Muskoka March 5 - 7, 2010. While events are spread throughout the District of Muskoka, and as far flung as Sudbury and Mt. St. Louis, there will be plenty of action here in Muskoka. Check the schedule to see which events are happening where.

Huntsville, very close to us, is hosting the Figure Skating. That's always a big crowd pleaser. And it's fitting, since Olympian Bryce Davison lists Huntsville as his home town! There will be plenty of locals out cheering when he takes the ice with his partner Jessica Dube in VAncouver

Here in Lake of Bays, the Women's Hockey tournament is taking place at the Baysville arena.

Now, everyone who follows hockeys knows that the Canadian National Women's Team is a powerhouse. They have only lost a total of four games in both the Olympics and the World Championships , all against their rivals, the Americans . Two of those losses came at the 1998 Winter Olympics and one came at the 2005 Women's Ice Hockey World Championships. Evidently, those were unusual "off nights" for the girls!

In fact, when the Men's team was struggling in the last Olympics, the encouragement shouted from the stands was the rallying cry, "Play Like A Girl!"

Over 62,000 girls play hockey in Canada, and probably all of them dream of Olympic gold at some point. One of the big stepping stones to the Canadian National team is the Winter Games, so the competition should be fierce, and -- since they play like girls -- the hockey will be outstanding.

If you're looking for accommodation, Bondi Village is offering a 3 night special, $500 for up to 4 people in a 2 bedroom cottage; $600 for up to 6 people in a 3 bedroom cottage. That will let you take in the entire three days of play -- and, if you have some spare moments, let you relax at our place, check out other winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing and wildlife and birdwatching. If you're still hungry for hockey, you can let off some steam on our rink on the lake. Or just 'chill' between the competitions.