Friday, June 26, 2009

Disc Golf, what a great walk, unruined!

There is a classic tag line that "Golf is a Great Walk, Ruined."

Not so for Disc Golf (Frisbee Golf) (Frolf) This is just plain good fun, for which you need absolutely no special gear, just a set of frisbees. And those you can rent.

The 9 hole Disc Golf course at BONDI VILLAGE is open for play.

The lake temperature is now over 80 degrees F., the beach is beckoning. The hiking trails are good to go, and we are right next door to Algonquin Provincial Park, so trails are pretty much unlimited here for hikers.

We've got wildlife on the lawn, from new fawns to bluebirds.

And we've still got some vacancies for the summer. Isn't it time you got out of town?

Loons on Lake of Bays

Here's photos of two loons that came to visit this morning.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2010 G8 - One year to Go!

One year from today Huntsville will host the 2010 G8.

Preparations are already underway and there is a buzz in the area as we hit the one year away point.

See the following Huntsville Forester article for more information on the upcoming G8:

Click here for article

One of the major issues for the 2010 G8 is accommodation and North Muskoka has myriad accommodation choices for before, during and after the G8. visit to view 15 establishments that are all very close to all the action.